ERB News

The ERB-News enable the publication of national initiatives and actual monitoring programs with respect to the aims of ERB. If you intend to submit a contribution, contact the ERB coordinator. 

Inventories of experimental basins:

(1) Experimental research basins in Italy -  an inventory (by Luca Brocca)

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(2) Hydrologic research in small basins  in Belgium (by V. Pauwels)

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(3) Experimental research basins in Austria (by Hubert Holzmann)

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Recent publications:

Hydrological research in small basins:
A series of papers dealing with small experimental basins was published by the University of Rioja, Logrono (Spain) in one issue of Geographical Research Letters Vol 44, No 2 (2018)

(see ISSN: 0211-6820). Several national correspondents of ERB provided contributions, in particular:

J. Latron, N. Lana-Renault
The relevance of hydrological research in small catchments – A perspective from long-term monitoring sites in Europe

G. Zuecco, D. Penna, M. Borga

Runoff generation in mountain catchments: long-term hydrological monitoring in the Rio Vauz Catchment, Italy 

L. Holko, S. Bičárová, J. Hlavčo, M. Danko, Z. Kostka
P. Llorens, F. Gallart, C. Cayuela, M. Roig-Planasdemunt, E. Casellas, A.J. Molina, M. Moreno de las Heras, G. Bertran, E. Sánchez-Costa, J. Latron

H. Holzmann

Besides others these aforementioned papers can be downloaded using the following link:

Future Activities:

2020: 18th ERB-conference, Florence, Italy
                              The topic and date will be announced in time!

The planned conference 2020 has to be cancelled and will be organized in Sept 2021!!!

Activities in the member countries:

Experimental test sites:

1) HOAL - The Hydrological Open Air Laboratory Petzenkirchen
Contact: Prof. Günter Blöschl,

2) ROSALIA - Experimental research watershed of BOKU university, Vienna
Contact: Prof. Josef Fürst,

3) ROFENTAL - A high Alpine research basin in the Ötztal Alps
Contact: Prof. Ulrich Strasser,